The Genetics of Gender and Sexuality

Listen here: Science Weekly podcast – The genetics of gender and sexuality 


In this week’s episode I met Dr Helena Cronin, co-director of the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science at the London School of Economics, to talk about “sexuality after genetics” – the topic of a debate she will participate in as part of this year’s How The Lights Get In Festival in Hay-On-Wye.

Why are males and females so different? Why would one identical twin be gay while the other is straight? Dr Cronin also explains why she thinks there are “more Nobels and more dumbbells” among men than among women.

Could eating creepy-crawlies save the planet? I interview one of the participants of the Wellcome Trust’s “Who’s The Pest?” seasonProf Marcel Dicke, a leading entomologist and connoisseur of insect protein.

We also take a look at some of last week’s big science news stories with two of the fabulous science-comedy trio Festival of the Spoken NerdHelen Arney and Steve Mould.

They join me to discuss the debate over the “aquatic ape” theory of human evolutionEU pesticide bans and the battle to save the bee and the key to extending the lifespan of mice, and possibly humans.

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