Camila Ruz

 Hello! I am a zoologist and science journalist.

I started learning about animal behaviour while training wolves and bottle feeding pumas in my family’s zoo in Chile. The animals of Buin Zoo persuaded me to study zoology at the University of Durham where my degree took me tracking rhinos in South Africa and for a memorable summer, left me marooned on an Honduran island counting sea urchins.

Arriving back in England I took a Masters degree in Science Communication at Imperial College London and I am now a science journalist. I hunt down wildlife stories all over the world, even if it means following Darwin’s Frogs down precipices and being chased by guanacos in the Patagonia.

My articles have been published in outlets such as The Guardian and BBC Future. I also regularly present radio packages for the BBC World Service and episodes of The Guardian Science Weekly Podcast. I report on all kinds of science – from the intelligence of crows to the genetics of human attraction. I am Bilingual in Spanish and English and work in London and in Santiago, Chile.

Helping to train a young wolf at Buin Zoo


  1. Adam

    Camila, I’m studying Zoology, and hoping to get into a science communication career, hopefully in documentaries but perhaps in writing. But, it is tricky knowing where to begin! I would really appreciate any advice you could give me on getting into a career like yours.

    Apologies for writing this here, I could not find contact information for you anywhere.


  2. Deogratias Michael

    Thank you verry much I saw you at CNN explain about new animal discovered! Wow it was a memorable storry to me. I’m living at Tanzania, East Africa and luck to have your contact please. I graduate first Degree of Tourism and Cultural Heritage.

    Best Regards

    Deogratias Michael

    Tourism stakeholder

    Tanzania, East Africa

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